The Little Details | About Us
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About Us

Our Mission

To get your business a presence on the proper social media outlets with outstanding customer service and transparency.

What We Do

The internet is changing at such a rapid pace that just having a website alone is not enough to capture and engage your target audience. The rise in popularity of social media is changing the way your business is being found and talked about. Today, more than ever, many people expect you to have a social media presence so that they can find store hours, reviews, and see how your brand is portrayed.

The Little Details was established in 2014 provide social media presence services to get your business out in front of the world. We specialize in social media and can give your business the outlets to reach potential customers and spreading brand awareness.

Currently, The Little Details is run by a single man with a mission named Jeremy Gray.

Who is Jeremy Gray?

I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Informatics with a specialization in E-Commerce Development with a 3.675 GPA.

I taught myself to program as soon as I got my first computer in 2000 and I’ve had small-time websites since then. My real dream came in 2012 when I started my first website Cutty Strength and I fell in love with content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and helping others.

I have a passion for learning and an amazing mentor so I put my energy into learning how to use social media as a tool to spread brand awareness, capture a new audience, and engage with customers.